Thursday, April 7, 2011

of what she used to say

A try on my new blogging tool on my iPhone which can consider as all my property on hand -.-

She used to tell me to drink honey to cure my sorethroat

She used to tell me looking at green stuffs like tree which is good for eyes

She used to tell me she wanted the stars, the moon, the sun, everything she wanted to love the world

She used to tell me how she wished both of us r staying near each others so we could meet each others frequently

Words never disappear, feeling to her is tho forever gone, now I'm here, doing things as she said, no longer everything the same, time changes everything...

Now hav to continue my lunch while did this post in 3 mins waiting time -.-

Friday, March 4, 2011

she's gone...

i remember the day she was brought back home
the day she bullied the others just to reflect on how tiny the space she suffered
the moment i saw her surprised me with her aura that i believe it do really keep bad things away
i just know she;s one of most beautiful gold fish i ever felt from my own soul

i remember the day when the aquarium was full of chemical
i was thinking to bring her to other's place just to keep her alive

i remember the day my bro brought her to my sis in law's house
which end up she killed most of the fishes in the aquarium she stayed
survived in a water tank for one week

i just believe she brought lucks to me
guarding my family like a guard although in an aquarium

i did sometimes change the aquarium's water just to bring her fresher water
i worried when she;s sick

whenever i;m happy or down
i did really share the feeling with her

my heart was pain when she swim upside down or when she;'s sick
with the blood i could see in her vein from fins just hurts so much

it may be ridiculous but there was such kinda aura i felt from this fish which is uncommon

i had a bad feeling of losing her which i never want it to be true when i was not at home

and now i'm home
she's gone
she saw i left the house door
but i never had any chance to let her know i'm back when she's no more here

i still remember the day she brought all lucks from what i felt
i just can;t stand my tears from dropping for her

she's one of the gold fish who used to be in my home;s aquarium
she's one i treated like a family member
and now she's gone
i'm sorry
i'll never forget that any kind of fish that left the most memory to me even she's gone

she may have left for other reasons
i just hope she rest in peace
but she'll forever stay in my heart guarding my soul
and she'll always live in my memory, for the luck she brought i believe in

Sunday, January 23, 2011

back to the old stage...

the stage
somewhere i used to hav the happiest memory
it's now nth special but a normal sidewalk of a shopping mall

this is somewhere i passed thru everyday for this moment
and it's true i'm back to the old stage
in a difference of timing

life here is kinda bored i have to admit
for stupid reason to be independent here

i spend most of my time, surfing, watching movie on pps, playing with my phone
luckily i brought this antique notebook here for this boring moment

things i did on the first week here
i do meet a few friends from different classes
of coz i do meet up with some friends from kuching, and some old friends here
tried ice skate in sunway, been always wanted try this until i have the chance doing so nowadays
spent few times playing pool aka snooker here
went to genting in the midnight, enjoying expensive mcd there, viewing night view in the fog
it's been more than 10yrs even since i last been to genting
drove a car myself to 1 utama and witnessed a friend become malaysia champion of GT5 racing game

another problem i encounter is food n drink
how i wish i can juz cook instead of eating outside juz to save cost n for a healthier life
for drinks, i'm drinking mineral water tho nowadays

the only freedom that constrains my current situation, that is transport
how i wish i can have a car to drive here
the road here is just so smooth, but not those so called small roads
tho i;ve been searching for nice deal of cars around instead of bringing my small wife over

the old stage
used to be the place i wanted to come the most
it's now appear more than never even wake up from dreams
but the situation on the stage, is never like a fairy tale happy ever after
it's just another journey, under the fate's orders
for her happiness i know, i don regret for what really happened on this stage before

soon i'm going back home
truly a lovely place i would breathe happily

Saturday, January 15, 2011

frustration cross the mind

dropping the coins in the wishing well for wishes to come true
the beautiful dreams, i never dare to open my eyes witness how true will it b

i'm nervous for what i'm doing
i never stop ever since the day fate brought me to this route

it may b surprises o nightmares

life's always full of challenge
trouble visits like a friend no matter what
which makes life an interesting world

today i happen to know some new friends
a lovely couple, bringing a baby around
a dream that i would die for
how admire can this b?

value of life
who would really appreciate?

revenge may b a way to survive
it may never b a way to live

Monday, January 10, 2011

fate that leads to an end...

i'll never know when will my last post here will be
as far as i know, i wont leave any regrets to this world

after life
to exchange the length of life, scarifies with the love from my family
a family that focus of money, instead of the future from the long term
that materialist is beyond than juz life

if i had died in juz another day, i may not know all these things
i juz happen to know, life's never been better ever since that day
human beings, congratulation to you all hav juz revealed of how a person u really r

step back home
nth but new bed, old bolster i used to hug for years, gone

i visited an old friend
i dropped my tears
for the tragedy happened to her

i thanked her
for telling me on how to appreciate life
tho i cannot promise when will i visit her again
i promised her, only to visit her on better tomorrows...

i never dare to know what will happen tomorrow
o even what will happen in the future
i will face it, i wont escape

live well, is always a greatest revenge
revenge for a better tomorrow

fate kept me away from death
chance leading me another place

life's always like a movie
good guys do not stay long
life's tough being a good man
at least i never regret to b myself for good faith

i've lost my ways
truly, i dono where to go
what to do
o even when death's after my shadow again

there is always a destroyer around
trouble visits like a friend
the reason that makes life interesting

an end is a rise of another begining
i'll live to a better tomorrow
til the days u deserved only to survive from worse future

even if i stop breathe one day
i'm clearly known as myself
i'm on a good faith to this world

Monday, December 27, 2010

the movie that tells...

when in love
it's always like being in a sweetest dreams

when love ends
it's always like a nightmare until you wake up

the nightmare when u woke up
u lose everything but memory

the sweetest memory that result the saddest scar

life's always like a movie
i watched the movie twice
juz bcoz the movie touch my heart

it may not b a movie fully loaded wif super stars
but a movie with only 3 main actors

the 1st time i watched, i almost drop my tears
the 2nd time i watched, i dropped my tears

the story is purely a love story
a touching story
a story that tell how strong love is

i may hav hurted by the past, i may not see any future, but i cherish what's called present
that's what i realised from the movie to my life
tho in real life, we might hav the same happy ending like the movie
at least the movie do tells what means love

fate brought me watching this movie
七天爱上你 Love At Seventh Sight

truely a story, that reflect on how everyone felt in relationship b4

Friday, December 10, 2010

life, at it's ending point...

operation flyover was a success
that the main objectives hav been well performed
another crazy thing i did juz few days b4 my exam
i teleported to KL, for a motor show, meet a friend, and carry my friend's present back
for slow process of pics, i apologise... as i din hav the chance for using my SLR these days

it was a 24hr mission i can say
i was lucky enough to save RM200 from booking the ticket last minute even the price has increased, guess it's fate that allowed me to do so

these days been focus my time on so called motorsport, for future rumor so called track that "heard will be appearing" in kuching starting next year
yes the project commence nx yr
so called big character said it is to "replace the current temporary track in the CITY"
and yes i never know the so called temporary track in inside the CITY
i tot the rumor was cancelled, hopefully it will come true

track will b somewhere in kuching between 15mile to 17mile
a track length of 3.8kilometers, slightly bigger than the track located in johor bahru
will this really happen in this borneo land where others known us as staying on top of the trees?

life's always packed with joy
yes i know there's few species that makes the world complicated, that i can feel their eyes being red
sorry to say i will never b yr revenge target
another day u proved yrself for not living a brighter future
never let life down, life never comes easy

being a MAN, we don prove to others on how weak we are
when your WILL isn;t stronger, strengthen your heart
there's always a window open, outside the window it'll always b an endless beautiful sky

it juz sad to know recently someone suicide juz for a worthless girl
it juz proved to them, that this ruined species has won

it's never the end of the world
hope will always b there waiting to be found

life is always up and down
that;'s what makes life interesting

on this stage, everyone is their own main character in lives
it all depends how they decide their ending will be

how valuable a person's life is?
depends on what the person has done until the moment the person never open their eyes